A Memorial Day Tribute

This Memorial Day, Miranda Country Store pays tribute to the brave men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Among these heroes are many local Hawaiians whose stories of courage and dedication continue to inspire us today.

One such story is that of the 100th Infantry Battalion, also known as the “Purple Heart Battalion.” Composed primarily of Japanese Americans from Hawaii, this battalion displayed extraordinary bravery during World War II. Despite facing discrimination and being initially mistrusted by the mainland military establishment, these soldiers proved their loyalty and valor on the battlefield.

The 100th Infantry Battalion was formed in 1942, shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Many of its members were Nisei, second-generation Japanese Americans who were initially part of the Hawaii National Guard. When they were called to serve, these soldiers left their homes and families to fight for a country that had placed their loved ones in internment camps.

Their journey began in Camp McCoy, Wisconsin, where they underwent rigorous training. The battalion saw its first combat in Italy, where they fought bravely in the battles of Salerno, Monte Cassino, and Anzio. Their relentless spirit and unmatched courage earned them the nickname “Purple Heart Battalion” due to the high number of casualties and injuries sustained.

The 100th Infantry Battalion’s legacy is one of resilience and patriotism. They proved that loyalty and bravery know no bounds, and their contributions were instrumental in the Allied victory in Europe. Their story serves as a powerful reminder of the sacrifices made by so many to protect our freedoms.

As we remember these heroes, let us reflect on the values they embodied: honor, courage, and dedication. On this Memorial Day, we honor their memory and the legacy they have left for future generations.

Mahalo for joining us in paying tribute to these remarkable individuals. Their stories continue to inspire us and remind us of the true meaning of this day.

2023 Go For Broke Monument Anniversary Virtual Tribute
We invite you to watch this special anniversary of when our humble, but determined, Nisei veterans presented the Go For Broke Monument to the City of Los Angeles on June 5, 1999. Their hope was that the Monument would forever stand as a reminder of the 33,000 Japanese American men and women who valiantly served our nation at all costs. The program highlights the character and valor of the Nisei soldiers of WWII, and will feature three new video segments that reflect the intergenerational sharing of this important American story.
Hosted by:
Dr. Mitch Maki, President/CEO of Go For Broke National Education Center and Sierra Katow, Actor, Comedian, Writer & Host of GFBNEC’s Living the Nisei Dream.
Visit www.goforbroke.org to learn more about the legacy of the Nisei soldiers of WWII, and how you can help ensure their legacy continues in securing the freedoms and liberties for all Americans. Together, we can make a difference.