Happy Aloha Friday from Miranda Country Store!

A scenic view of a lush tropical farm with mountains in the background, representing the rural charm of Honokaa.

Aloha kakahiaka, Miranda Country Store ‘ohana!

Another 4th of July has passed and we’re wishing you a Happy Aloha Friday!

We’re wishing you a Happy Aloha Friday! As we head into the weekend, we want to extend our gratitude to our wonderful community of farmers, ranchers, and all those who support local agriculture here in Hawai‘i.

Whether you’re stopping by for custom gates, high-quality animal feed, or equestrian supplies, we’re here to serve you with the best products and warmest smiles. Enjoy your weekend, and don’t forget to drop by for all your farm and ranch needs!

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Mahalo for allowing us to serve our island community!

Happy Aloha Friday!

Photo of a farm and ranch in the Hamakua region of North Hilo District of Hawaii Island. Blue skies, green pastures, palm tree and custom fencing.

Wishing you a quick end to a slow week and plans for the weekEND. As you wrap up your week, remember to take some time to enjoy the beautiful landscapes and the vibrant community we are all a part of.

Whether you’re tending to your farm, spending time with your ohana, or animals, or just enjoying the country life, we are here to support you with the best products and expert advice. Drop by the store this weekend. We’ll be closed on July 4th for Independence Day Stop by early for all your farm and ranch needs. We’ve got everything from custom gates and fencing supplies to top-quality animal feed and fertilizers.

Let’s make this Aloha Friday one to remember! Mahalo for being part of the Miranda Country Store ohana.

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It’s Aloha Friday, Farm Work till Monday

Photo of a farm and ranch in Kawaihae, Hawaii. Blue skies, Pacific ocean and Kona coastline in the distance.

As we celebrate the end of another week, we at Miranda Country Store want to wish you a joyful and relaxing Aloha Friday. Whether you’re wrapping up your farm chores or preparing for a weekend of family fun, we’re here to support you with all your farm and ranch needs.

Come visit us today and enjoy our selection of:

  • Custom Gates: Crafted with care to enhance the beauty and security of your property.
  • Fencing Supplies: From small backyard projects to large ranch setups, we’ve got you covered.
  • Animal Feed: High-quality feed for your chickens, horses, and pets to keep them healthy and happy.
  • Fertilizers & Herbicides: Tailored for our unique island soils to help your plants thrive.

Join us and step into the heart of rural Hawaiʻi! Experience the friendly, community-focused atmosphere of Miranda Country Store, where local farmers and ranchers find everything they need.

Have a wonderful Aloha Friday and a fantastic weekend!

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Made It To Another Friday!

Happy Aloha Friday!

At Miranda Country Store, we’re celebrating Aloha Friday with all our friends and customers. As you wind down the week and get ready for a relaxing weekend, we invite you to step into our store and meet the folks supporting your farm, ranch, garden, pets and fencing needs in rural Hawai’i. We’ve got everything you need right here in Keaʻau on the Big Island.

Today is a perfect day to:

  • Explore our extensive range of animal feed and care products. From chicken feed to equine tack, we cater to all your animal care needs.
  • Discover our high-quality fertilizers and herbicides tailored for the unique soils of Hawai’i. Perfect for both small gardens and large farms.
  • Check out our durable fencing supplies and custom gate-building services. We offer everything from ranch fencing to residential chain link.

Enjoy the spirit of Aloha and make the most of your Friday with a visit to Miranda Country Store. We’re here to help you with expert advice and quality products for your farm or ranch.

Stop by today and let’s make your weekend a great one!

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Happy Aloha Friday from Miranda Country Store!

Photorealistic image of an iconic farm on Hawaii Island.

Aloha Friday is here, and we want to spread the joy and aloha spirit from Miranda Country Store to our wonderful community!

As you unwind and enjoy the beauty of our island, remember that Miranda Country Store is here to support all your farm and ranch needs. Whether you’re tending to your fields or caring for your animals, we have everything you need to make your weekend productive and fulfilling.

What’s New This Week?

  • New Arrival: Fresh batch of premium chicken feed, perfect for your backyard flock.
  • Expert Tip: Planning to fertilize? Now’s the perfect time to get our island-specific blends to nourish your soil.

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Enjoy your Aloha Friday and have a fantastic weekend! Mahalo for supporting local!

Happy Aloha Friday from Miranda Country Store!

Photorealistic image of an iconic farming and ranching scene on Hawaii Island.

As we wind down another week, we want to wish everyone a joyful and restful weekend, starting now! Whether you’re prepping for a weekend on the farm, working on a new project, or just stopping by for some supplies, we’ve got everything you need right here in Shipman Park in Keaau.

At Miranda Country Store, we take pride in offering the best quality products for your farm, ranch, or garden. From custom gates and fencing supplies to top-notch animal feed and fertilizers, we’re your one-stop shop for all your agricultural needs.

Support local owned businesses, shop with us! By choosing Miranda Country Store, you’re not only getting high-quality products but also supporting our local community and economy. We are locally owned and operated and dedicated to Hawaii.

Mahalo for being a part of our Miranda Country Store ‘ohana. Have a fantastic weekend!

For more information, visit our website: mirandacountrystore.com and give us a like on Facebook: Miranda Country Store.

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A Memorial Day Tribute

Photo of a ranch in North Hawaii with a fence and American flag.

This Memorial Day, Miranda Country Store pays tribute to the brave men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Among these heroes are many local Hawaiians whose stories of courage and dedication continue to inspire us today.

One such story is that of the 100th Infantry Battalion, also known as the “Purple Heart Battalion.” Composed primarily of Japanese Americans from Hawaii, this battalion displayed extraordinary bravery during World War II. Despite facing discrimination and being initially mistrusted by the mainland military establishment, these soldiers proved their loyalty and valor on the battlefield.

The 100th Infantry Battalion was formed in 1942, shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Many of its members were Nisei, second-generation Japanese Americans who were initially part of the Hawaii National Guard. When they were called to serve, these soldiers left their homes and families to fight for a country that had placed their loved ones in internment camps.

Their journey began in Camp McCoy, Wisconsin, where they underwent rigorous training. The battalion saw its first combat in Italy, where they fought bravely in the battles of Salerno, Monte Cassino, and Anzio. Their relentless spirit and unmatched courage earned them the nickname “Purple Heart Battalion” due to the high number of casualties and injuries sustained.

The 100th Infantry Battalion’s legacy is one of resilience and patriotism. They proved that loyalty and bravery know no bounds, and their contributions were instrumental in the Allied victory in Europe. Their story serves as a powerful reminder of the sacrifices made by so many to protect our freedoms.

As we remember these heroes, let us reflect on the values they embodied: honor, courage, and dedication. On this Memorial Day, we honor their memory and the legacy they have left for future generations.

Mahalo for joining us in paying tribute to these remarkable individuals. Their stories continue to inspire us and remind us of the true meaning of this day.

2023 Go For Broke Monument Anniversary Virtual Tribute
We invite you to watch this special anniversary of when our humble, but determined, Nisei veterans presented the Go For Broke Monument to the City of Los Angeles on June 5, 1999. Their hope was that the Monument would forever stand as a reminder of the 33,000 Japanese American men and women who valiantly served our nation at all costs. The program highlights the character and valor of the Nisei soldiers of WWII, and will feature three new video segments that reflect the intergenerational sharing of this important American story.
Hosted by:
Dr. Mitch Maki, President/CEO of Go For Broke National Education Center and Sierra Katow, Actor, Comedian, Writer & Host of GFBNEC’s Living the Nisei Dream.
Visit www.goforbroke.org to learn more about the legacy of the Nisei soldiers of WWII, and how you can help ensure their legacy continues in securing the freedoms and liberties for all Americans. Together, we can make a difference.

Happy Aloha Friday Ohana!

Photo image of paniolos herding cattle on a ranch in Hawaii.

Step into the weekend with Miranda Country Store. We’re here to support you with quality products and friendly service.

Join us at the store today and stock up on:

  • Animal Feed and Care Products: Only the finest for your livestock and pets.
  • Fertilizers and Herbicides: Tailored to the unique needs of our island’s soil.

AND NO FORGET, We have Custom Gate Fabrication on site as well as mountains of Fencing Supplies: Come down, talk story with us about fencing to protect and enhance your property.

We’re proud to be your local one-stop shop for all your farm and ranch needs. Your hard work keeps our community thriving, and we’re here to help every step of the way.

Mahalo nui loa for your support, and have a great weekend!

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Happy Aloha Friday!

Photo image of a family ranch in Hawaii.

As we step into the weekend, we want to wish everyone a Happy Aloha Friday. We love our community and the beauty of rural Hawaiʻi. We are so thankful for you. Whether you’re tending to your farm, caring for your animals, or stopping by for a visit, we’re here to support you with quality products and expert advice.

Visit Us for Great Products and the Brands you Love

  • Fresh Stock of Animal Feed: From chicken feed to equine tack, we have everything to keep your animals happy and healthy.
  • Custom Gates and Fencing Supplies: Perfect for any project, big or small. Enhance your farm or ranch with our top-notch materials.
  • Local Fertilizers and Herbicides: Specially blended for Hawaiʻi’s unique soil. Get the best results for your crops.

We Serve the Heart of Rural Hawaiʻi

At Miranda Country Store, we take pride in being your trusted partner in farming and ranching. Come visit. Our friendly staff is ready to help you find exactly what you need.

Stay connected with us:

Call us at (808) 935-4457 for any inquiries or directions: Get Directions

Mahalo for supporting local agriculture and being part of our community. Have a blessed Aloha Friday and an even better weekend!

A hui hou, The Miranda Country Store Team

Happy Aloha Friday from Miranda Country Store!

Photo image of a small family farm in Hawaii.

Aloha to all our friends and family! As we wrap up another productive week on the farm, we want to extend our warmest wishes for a relaxing and joyful Aloha Friday. At Miranda Country Store, we believe in the spirit of community and the relaxing rhythm of our beautiful island life. Whether you’re tending to your garden, caring for your animals, or out mending fences, remember to take a moment today to breathe in the peace and serenity around you.

Come visit us this weekend to find everything you need for your farming and ranching needs, from custom-built gates to the highest quality animal feed.

Let’s make this weekend one for family, fun, and farming. Stop by and say hi, or give us a call at (808) 935-4457 if there’s anything you need. Remember, supporting local strengthens our community. Mahalo for choosing Miranda Country Store, your one-stop shop for all things farm and ranch!

Visit us online at Miranda Country Store, or connect with us on Facebook here and soon on Instagram.

Happy Aloha Friday!

Photo of a chicken in Hawaii wishing everyone a Happy Aloha Friday from Miranda Country Store

Aloha, friends! As another beautiful week wraps up here in Keaau, we’re feeling that Aloha Friday spirit and hope you are too. It’s the perfect time to slow down and get ready for a relaxing weekend—maybe it’s tending your garden, caring for your animals, or kicking off a new project. Whatever you’ve got planned, we’re here to help you make it great.

Broiler Starter is on sale $34.95 per 50lb bag.

At Miranda Country Store, we’re stocked up with all you might need—from top-notch animal feeds to sturdy fencing and the best local fertilizers around. We’re not just here for supplies; we’re here to share advice, give a helping hand, and make sure you leave with a smile.

Come see us at 16-186 Wiliama St, Keaau, in the Shipman Industrial Park, or give us a call at (808) 935-4457 if you’ve got any questions. Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook for the latest.

Wishing you a peaceful and joyful Aloha Friday, from our ohana to yours!

Utility Carts and Steps Back In Stock!

Carts and Steps Restocked!

We’re excited to announce that our selection of utility carts – in all sizes and styles – has just been restocked! Need a helping hand on your farm, ranch or garden? We’ve got the perfect cart to make your tasks easier and more efficient.

These carts are rolling off the shelves, so come grab yours! Visit us at our store and supply center in Keaau (Shipman) and roll one home.

Hurry – they won’t last long! Come find your perfect utility cart today and make your daily chores a breeze.

Prices (left to right)

  • Garden Burrow $145.25
  • Dump Cart $235.00
  • 7CU Utility Cart $135.99
  • 11CU Utility Hauler $385.49

These sell out fast. Come take one for a test drive!

Custom Fabricated Gates

A custom fabricated gate is a gate that is specifically designed and built to fit the needs of a particular ranch or farm. These gates are made from galvanized metal to last in our local weather conditions. The gate’s design and materials are also customized based on factors such as the size of the opening, the type of livestock being kept.

Ranchers and farmers need custom fabricated gates because standard-sized gates often do not fit the specific needs of their property. For example, if a rancher has a large herd of cattle, they may need a gate that is wider and sturdier than a standard gate to accommodate the movement of the animals. Similarly, a gate for a farm with a lot of foot traffic may need to be designed with a locking mechanism to prevent unauthorized entry.

Custom fabricated gates can also be designed to withstand the harsh weather conditions common in rural Hawaii. For example, a gate in an area prone to high winds may need to be reinforced to prevent damage from gusts.

Miranda Country Store custom fabricates gates designed and built to meet the specific needs of a particular ranch or farm, and they are necessary for ensuring the safety and security of the property and its inhabitants.

We have a large selection of fencing materials and create our custom gates on site. We are locally owned and operated and appreciate your business.

If you can provide us with some specifics for your needs and we’ll work with you to create an estimate and help you source the best installer for your particular farm, garden or ranch.

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Fencing Products

Custom Gate for Ranch or Farm - Made in Hawai

Over abundance of fencing products in stock at Miranda Country Store.

Kick off 2021 by installing a new fence on your farm or ranch. High quality hog wire, welded panels, custom gates and all of the parts you need are available for you to shop. Our expert team and top-rated supply of fencing products will provide you with a high-quality fence you need. Our experts will also help with all your home fencing needs. Get a price quote by filling in the form at the bottom of the page.

Come check out our extensive selection of hog wire, chain-link & field fence at our Shipman Industrial Park location in Keaau (directions). You’ll find all the fencing products and raw materials you need to do any size job.

Google 5 star business reviews with store address, hours, phone (808-935-4457) and in-store health and safety information. Click for more Miranda Country Store reviews.

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Fencing Supplies For Your Ranch

Photo of Fencing Supplies on Hawaii Island at Miranda Country Store

If you are setting up fencing on a ranch, there are a few fencing supplies that you may want to keep handy to ensure that your fencing project goes smoothly. Here is a list of some typical fencing supplies that you may want to consider keeping on hand:

  1. Fence posts: These are the vertical supports that hold your fence up. They can be made of wood, metal, or a combination of materials.
  2. Fence rails: These are the horizontal pieces that run between the fence posts and provide stability to the fence. They can also be made of wood, metal, or a combination of materials.
  3. Fence panels: These are pre-assembled sections of fencing that can be easily installed between fence posts.
  4. Fence wire: This is used to create the actual barrier of the fence. It can be made of various materials, including steel, aluminum, and vinyl.
  5. Fence staples: These are used to secure the fence wire to the fence posts and rails.
  6. Wire tensioners: These are used to tighten the fence wire and ensure that it is properly secured to the fence.
  7. Fence gates: These allow you to easily access different areas of your ranch.
  8. Fence tools: You will likely need a variety of tools to install and maintain your fence, including hammers, pliers, wire cutters, and post hole diggers.

It’s also a good idea to have some basic repair supplies on hand, such as extra fence wire, staples, and fence posts, in case any of your fence needs to be repaired.

All the fencing supplies you need for your ranch in Hawaii on Miranda’s Fencing Supplies page. Use the price quote tool to get an estimate.