Fertilizers & Herbicides

Fertilizers & Herbicides

Fertilizers and Herbicides for large and small farms in Hawaii

Miranda Country Store offers the Hilo, Hawai’i area and the entire Hawaiian island with high quality fertilizer. Our fertilizers have specific blends that are unique for the island’s unique soil composition. We have been serving the area for over 20 years, so we have the experience to help you with your fertilizing needs.

Our Fertilizer Products Include:

  • Plant fertilizer
  • Field fertilizer
  • Herbicides

Contact Miranda Country Store today at 808-935-4457 to learn more about our fertilizer products, or browse our website for more information about our Animal Care Products or our Fencing Products.

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1 thought on “Fertilizers & Herbicides”

  1. Wayne Miranda,

    I have been looking at buying some land on the Big Island, maybe have a small coffee plantation. I have been thinking Kailua Kona south, centered around Captain Cook, City of Refuge, Kealakakua Bay and so on. I remember you telling me that you have a lot of local connections there and might be able to help me find a good place to live.
    I am still in he Ag business and have wholesale trading company called Ag Specialties, with our offices on a 27 acre filbert nut farm south of Hillsboro. I also have a retail store in Harrisburg, OR about 2 hours south of Hillsboro. We do all the blending and bagging there, plus own some farm acres there too, also in filberts. Right now I am in Palm Springs, California, where we have a little office for me to work from in the winter months. It is all really great, but I still miss Hawaii and want to fill in that blank in our lives. I will call you in the next few days as it will be great to talk to you regardless of biz or land or any such stuff. Your friend

    John Hadley

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