Utility Carts and Steps Back In Stock!

Carts and Steps Restocked!

We’re excited to announce that our selection of utility carts – in all sizes and styles – has just been restocked! Need a helping hand on your farm, ranch or garden? We’ve got the perfect cart to make your tasks easier and more efficient.

These carts are rolling off the shelves, so come grab yours! Visit us at our store and supply center in Keaau (Shipman) and roll one home.

Hurry – they won’t last long! Come find your perfect utility cart today and make your daily chores a breeze.

Prices (left to right)

  • Garden Burrow $145.25
  • Dump Cart $235.00
  • 7CU Utility Cart $135.99
  • 11CU Utility Hauler $385.49

These sell out fast. Come take one for a test drive!