Animal Feed in Hilo | Sourcing Quality Products

Animal Feed in Hilo | Sourcing Quality Products

Quality animal feed can keep your livestock and pets healthy freeing you from expensive vet bills. Not all brands are the same and ingredients between brands can differ greatly. There are a lot of variables in livestock feed and the nutritional life-cycle of all farm animals and livestock.


A lot of studies have been published and bias exists on all sides of the “animal feed quality” conversation. For folks that love beef, sourcing quality animal feed in Hilo can seem confusing. So we stay focused on quality feed. After all, what goes in affects what comes out, right?

Our strategy for sourcing the best quality feed for your pets and livestock is simple. We source and sell the best feed-product choices for farmers and ranchers with a focus on quality. All of our feed products are sourced from reputable producers who hold themselves responsible for selling a quality product at a great price. We pass the savings onto you. But the real savings comes from lower vet bills, happy animals and a healthier product in local stores. We celebrate the efforts of Big Island farmers and ranchers who have provided healthy meats and animal products on our island for over a hundred of years.

Come on down and talk to the Miranda Team about sourcing quality animal feed on Hawaii Island. Or call +1 (808) 935-4457 We’re easy to talk to!

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  1. We are a manufacturer of low moisture/cooked livestock supplement tubs. Our focus is in All-Natural, High Quality ingredients. We have 3 plants in the US (Nebraska, Iowa and Washington State) as well as a new plant in Canada. We manufacture approximately 35 different formulas in 5 sizes ranging from 15lb up to 250lb tubs. These tubs offer a consistent delivery of nutrients without worry of daily feeding, over consumption or loss from contamination or weather. I was wondering if I might be able to speak to your feed manager/owner about a partnership with Vitalix in offering your customers a healthy and cost effective method of delivering essential nutrients for livestock. Our website is should you wish to research our products. Thank you!

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